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BLOOD, SWEAT AND TOIL IN THE AXARQUIA* Having just returned from another fortnight stint working our finca in the Axarquian mountains, sporting our latest collection of cuts, bruises and aching muscles, I was reminded of the wise words that head this post, uttered by the late lamented Fred, an early, fellow British, expatriate neighbour. Fred, … Continue reading “SPAIN ‘URTS”


32 YEARS ON… Dido and I met on New years Day 1989, and two years later, considering my appaling memory for cellebratory dates, we decided to get married on New Year’s Eve, to ensure I would never forget our anniversary. So far, thank goodness, it’s worked, and so today, I remember fondly, that at about … Continue reading NYE MEMORIES

Hamilton – the Nudical…

A real-life “Carry on Camping“ Regular and long-term readers of this blog might remember a post I did a few years ago about my wife Dido’s part-time career as a model, and in particualr, her role as the National Savings girl. Her modeling work coincided with her then-main career as a classical ballerina – a … Continue reading Hamilton – the Nudical…

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