Bio: I am an artist, illustrator and author. I trained at St. Martins School of Art and exhibited regularly in the UK and abroad throughout the 1980s. My illustration highpoint was designing the cover for the UK paperback edition of the novel, Billy Bathgate. I lived in Israel in 1970 and then again from 2009 until 2012. I currently divide my time between London and southern Spain where I continue to work as an artist, as well as make Moscatel wine. My first book, King Saul – The True History of the First Messiah was published to critical acclaim in 2007. My first novel, The Sons of Kohath was published in 2015 – since re-released as ARK.


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  1. Hi, Adam. I just came across your blog and really like it. I hadn’t realized (or I’d forgotten) what a fine photographer you are. Your images have brightened my night. And it’s going to be a four-year night. We (specifically, every creature on Earth) have slipped into an abyss. If you haven’t heard ART OF THE DEAL ghost-writer Tony Schwartz on the subject, listen to his talk at the Oxford Union:


    All the best to you and Dido.



    1. Thanks Simon and yes, I heard Schwartz talking weeks before the election, when he said he would leave the US if Trump won – he sounded serious, so it will be interesting to see what he in fact does. Talking about our own brand of political loonies over here you might want to read “The Left’s Jewish Problem – Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Anti-Semitism” by Dave Rich. It’s a lucid and calm analysis of a growing problem which gained praise from both the Guardian and the Daily Mail – a unique achievement – I think.

      All the best to you too.


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