FINCA-ING OF YOU ALL – New Year’s greetings from Finca Carmel

No time for a proper post I’m afraid with so much work to do on our little farm. Fortunately, the hard labour has its rewards such as the fabulous 2018 vintage port (pictured here) we barrelled in August and is now looking and tasting delicious. A hearty cheers, l’chaim, salud, and whatever your favoured salutationContinue reading “FINCA-ING OF YOU ALL – New Year’s greetings from Finca Carmel”


With the festive season well underway (Hanukkah is already over) and the year wrapping up, we now find ourselves dashing madly between Jönköping, London, Oxford and finally Malaga. All of which means that once again I have only a little time for writing these posts. Normal service will be resumed in the new year, but forContinue reading ““THERE IS ANOTHER SKY…” *”


During my ten  years or so as a commercial artist I had spells with two top London artist’s agents. The main and obvious advantage of having an agent was that they went out and got you commissions.  Most artists by definition, tend to be ill equipped, emotionally and attitudinally for the tasks of both finding andContinue reading “TRIPLE-TAKES AND DOUBLE CHOICES”