…but celebrations on hold

The picture which heads this little post shows a painting I did of my wife Dido’s mews house in Paddington, in the heart of London – the first home we shared at the outset of our thirty-two years together – and our current home, here on Finca Carmel. The contrast in the two dwellings forms a neat allegory for the rich diversity of our adventures over the past three decades-plus, and thus I thought it would make a fitting image for the milestone we reach this New Year’s Eve.

Like countless millions across the globe however, all the fabulous plans we had made by way of celebration, have been confounded by the new ‘C’ word, and thus delayed until some semblance of normality returns.

In the meantime, things as seemingly mundane as our olive harvest provide comfort and reassurance that much of the essential rhythm of life continues regardless of the actions of viruses and governments.

Wishing everyone reading this piece, a relatively happy New Year, and a much improved, celebration -packed 2021 and beyond!

2 thoughts on “30 YEARS ON…

  1. Congratulations.

    Formal celebrations don’t have to be tied to a date or place. For most of our 51 years, Alie and I were often not even in the same town on our anniversary – not by design, just by circumstance. We had a wonderful 50th celebration even if it did occur nine and a half weeks after the “official” date.

    We whole heartedly endorse your last line.

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    1. Thanks Ray. We’re not generally big on birthdays (last year we both forgot each other’s birthdays completely, and were only reminded on the day by an email greeting from British Airways!!!) and suchlike, but as this year was our “150th” (as Dido termed it – both reaching 60 plus the 30th anniversary) we felt the need for celebrations. But yes, you’re quite right, and it’s actually quite fun to have such wonderful plans to look forward to…

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