ARK – excerpts – Part 3

I PRESENT HERE THE THIRD IN  A SERIES OF SIX EXCERPTS FROM MY NEW NOVEL (Paperback available from Amazon and on Kindle and to order online from selected bookstores) ARK Tragedy, Travesty, Tapas and the Ark of God 23 La Gamba was situated in the aptly named Via Frontera, on the border of the theatre and financialContinue reading “ARK – excerpts – Part 3”


A HANDFUL OF DIGITAL “GOUACHES” OF THE VIEWING FLOOR OF AUSTRALASIA’S TALLEST BUILDING A few years back my wife and I went up the Eureka Tower in Melbourne. The views of the wonderful city and its surrounding countryside were of course splendid, but it was the cleverly laid-out viewing deck itself which excited me asContinue reading “EUREKA REFLECTIONS”


A brief cautionary post for those thinking of using the CreateSpace self-publishing platform… As previous visitors to this blog will know I am in the process of self-publishing my new (and first) novel  (ARK -Tragedy, Travesty, Tapas and the Ark of God) using CreateSpace. I’ve already discussed all the advantages of this service in anContinue reading “CREATESPACE’S “FAUX-PAR” – OR IS IT “FOE-PAR” ?!”


“…As he started wiping and rinsing around the wall diluted blood and water seeped from the sponge and ran through his fingers and down his wrist and forearm.
Instinctively, almost unconsciously Carlos put the back of his hand to his mouth and then touched the moisture with his tongue.
Tears began to well in the geneticist’s eyes and he continued with his curiously intimate chore.
‘It’s amazing’ he thought, ‘how easily blood washes away—just like life itself.’
Then he imagined Loli’s DNA diluting into the Madrid drains…”