In an earlier post I promised to reveal the fruits of my hours spent in the life room at St. Martins.

I always try to keep my promises, so here are the contents of my sketchbook dated 1979.

Looking at these drawings now after so many years hidden away in a drawer in my old plan-chest, what strikes me is their raw honesty. How good or bad they are I’m not the one to judge (although I’ve seen worse), but whatever else, they are truthful, even to the point of portraying how terribly bored the models were in most of the poses. I can also perceive the instinctive cartoonist in me trying to break out, especially in F&M 1.

I referenced several of these in my biblical themed paintings later that same year, especially the Adam and Eve series, and then in 1980, a couple of them were very useful for my “Wanderers” pictures.


  1. Hello Adam, really nice and generous of you to share your past recollections of your own artistic development …which is nostalgic in so many ways of course. What a lovely idea really. I am also thinking for some time now to do my own writing and publishing. You get to an age and realize that there is much you can share that is special and maybe useful or of interest to others. We all have a book in us I believe. Your drawings are an important journey of personal development and should not just be hidden away. I will be claiming your painting which Mum purchased from you back in 19854/5 of a young man standing crossed legged on a beach scene in Israel. It is an oil painting which hangs in her living room with the original picture frame still around it….she called it ”Adams Painting”. Treasuring it because of all the associated memories too of the early eighties. Would love to see you both sometime soon.

    Keep well and again many thanks for this post above and all the shares before ongoing ADAM. Hugs from lil ol’e mio xxx.


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