A while back I posted a gallery of images of a lovely girl from Toulouse who posed for me after a night of love-making. 

In the decades since that wonderful night and thrilling morning-after I have returned to these images many times, in different media; from charcoal and coloured inks, to pastels, oils and most successfully – from a commercial standpoint – in gouache. In fact, it was the gouache originals that inspired the pictures in that earlier post.

However, I’ve long thought that a Matisse-esque, colour block / cut-out technique would most suit this subject – an uninhibited French inspired method for an uninhibited French subject.


After many long hours of honing my Photoshop skills I think I’ve achieved my aim of making fun, jazzy and – in this case at least – sexy images. The several people who have seen them in preview have universally approved and now I’d be most interested to know what you, my followers and other viewers make of them?

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