This was a poster I did at Carmel back in 1972 for the campaign to free Soviet Jews. The late Greville Janner MP came to the school and asked the head of the art department, Herman Langmuir for a picture to be the centerpiece at a reception and talk at the Houses of Parliament being held by the Parliamentary Friends of Soviet Jewry.

Herman volunteered yours truly and I came up with this. It was hung in a committee room where the event was held  and it was my first picture to get into the newspapers – well, the Jewish press at least. Not bad really for an eleven or twelve year old. You can see why Herman thought I was heading for a career in comic art. My first “brush” with fame…(apologies)

Looking at it again after all these years it’s much better than I remembered.

Poster for the Parliamentary Friends of Soviet Jewry
Poster for the Parliamentary Friends of Soviet Jewry

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