Having had such a positive response to my earlier post “The Morning After…” I’m now following that up with another series of images which have done well for me in the past, having given them a similar treatment to the nudes.

These originate from studies I did of my wife Dido and a girlfriend of hers – another ex-Royal ballerina – as they kindly posed and pranced around for me one evening here on our terrace in southern Spain many exotic moons ago.


4 thoughts on “DANCERS

  1. Once retired, I began to paint. I am a realist [portraits and figures]. But I also travel a lot, and despite best of intentions, my drawing pad goes unused, inertia sets in, and when I return I find it hard to get back to the easel. This is all to say, as I set off on another short trip I decided to take the sketchbook, some water colors, and some inspiration. For the latter, I went back to look again at your “Dancers” which I saw when I first discovered your blog. I love them.


    1. Thanks very much. You’ll be glad to know that I’m currently working on similar themes for future posts. For me things are rather the other way around from yourself in that I sort of retired from actual, physical drawing and painting years ago and now do all my “sketching” – so to speak – with my camera, and “painting” up with Photoshop. However, I do empathise with you completely so far as sketchbook “discipline” is concerned – even during my days as one of London’s most promising young fine artists I really struggled to remember to carry a sketchbook around with me, let alone use the thing.


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